Architectural and Plan Prints


Whether you are an engineer, architect, draftsman, urban designer or builder Carbon8 can deliver high quality renderings of your architectural prints.  We use industry leading large format printers to produce high definition engineering and plan prints for many industries.  Though we have default sizes, we can print and deliver plan prints in custom sizes to meet your specific requirements.

  • Paper plans, B&W or full colour
  • Tyvec waterproof plans
  • Sizes - A3 up to A0
  • Foamcore or other mounted print options
  • High quality photographic prints
  • Quick production possible
  • Bound submissions and tender options available

Architectural Plans, engineering details and landscape designs often require full colour printing whereas if you are after schematics, electrical layouts or structural detail drawings, you may be able to save some money with simple black and white printing.

Another unique offering to Carbon8 is our ability to print your plans not only onto normal thin paper but a synthetic tear-resistant material called Tyvec. It is especially useful for the mining and outdoor dirty and wet construction industry where you want to be able to easily roll your prints out no matter what the weather. They can then be rolled up, folded, just about anything, they will not lose their ink and they can't possibly rip. They do cost a bit more than our normal paper prints but you'll love how much simpler your life will be with them.

Either way, Carbon8 will produce professional quality reproductions with industry leading turn around times at a reasonable price.  Depending on the print quality, cost and durability needs for your architectural or plan prints, we will provide the appropriate material at a fair price.

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