Archival and Giclee Prints

There are three components that make up high quality archival and giclée prints.  First, when an artist or photographer or gallery comes to Carbon8 and wants “fine art printing” or “archival pigment printing” they want to provide their customers with the peace of mind that their print will not degrade or yellow over time. 

To achieve this first requires very specific high-end large format ink jet printers running at their highest quality resolution with their finest colourfast pigments and inks. 

Second, the artist must communicate the finished effect they are after from texture, tonality and hue.  Carbon8 then uses experienced operators and time tested colour management workflows to reproduce the original work.

Finally, the paper or selected substrate needs to be selected with care to provide a long lasting, colourfast, vibrant reproduction.  Carbon8 stock a wide variety of

It takes quality machinery, experienced craftsmen, high end pigment based inks and archival quality substrates to achieve a fantastic fade resistant result and at Carbon8 we have been delivering top quality prints for over 20 years.

As the Retail landscape is ever changing, retailers are constantly challenged to create and produce forward thinking and effective Visual Merchandising and marketing print to successfully captivate their clientele.

Our highly skilled account managers will assist you from conception to production and ensure what you visualise will be printed in the exact same light.

With mounting pressure in today’s retail market, businesses owners are relying on an effective visual strategy to resonate within their target demographic to yield a return on investment.