Every commercial printer in Australia will tell you they can print brochures. So how on earth do you figure out which printer is right for your job? That is simple… it depends on a few factors including quantity, turnaround and quality.

How many brochures do you need?

Lets start with quantity, If the answer is under 100 your best bet is to go to your neighbourhood instant printer. The quality will be OK, you probably don’t care much about the paper and you will need to provide them the artwork. The price per unit will not be great, but the turnaround time will be a few hours.

If you need 1,000 – 5,000 a more standard number of brochures and you are not in a mad rush, an online printer may make sense… unless you need a specialty stock or require assistance with artwork, in that case a full service printer will be your best bet.

For large quantities, choose a full service printer as they have access to the largest and most efficient machinery… a large run will allow them to scale up and use efficiencies to deliver the best price per unit.

How quickly do you need them delivered?

If you need them today, use a local instant printer.

If you have a day or two, a full service local printer will be able to squeeze in the job and let you pick it up or get a flash courier to meet your deadline.

If you have more than a week then this opens up the possibility of using an online digital printer. Often these online printers can provide the cheapest cost… but the trade-off includes no personal service (or extra charges for things like artwork proofing, rush jobs, special paper) and little visibility to the turnaround and delivery. You typically do not get to talk to a real person.

Do you need the brochures to impress?

If your brochures are a trade show marketing cost likely to be thrown in the bin, go for an inexpensive matte or gloss stock and save money by reducing the gsm of the paper. If on the other hand you want the brochures to communicate the quality of your brand or distinguish you from your competitors, perhaps use a full service or specialty printer and invest more money in the quality of the paper stock and the quality of the printer itself. If you are a fashion house and are trying to get excellent colour reproduction to accentuate your clothes or models, you will want to use a high end digital print house for short to medium runs and perhaps a printer with a high quality offset press for very long runs.

So, let your priorities drive the answer to your question on selection the right printer for your brochure printing.