Business Card Printing

Do we still need printed business cards?

A business still needs business card printing if they answer yes to any of these questions… Do you call on customers or have sales reps that do? Do you attend trade shows? Do you need to stand out from the competition? Is a good first impression important in your business? Are you finding it more difficult to get a warm lead? Do you employ new graduates? Are your target businesses online or do they have a physical presence? Business cards provide a personal, physical example of your business’ insistence on a positive first impression, attention to detail and desire to project a feel of the brand.

What type of business cards are right for our business?

Once deciding that business cards are needed, there are several choices to make regarding the size, paper quality and embellishments of the business cards. The first question to answer when sourcing business cards is Do you want to stand out? If you are looking to save costs or have a small number of business cards to print, the best option would be a basic full colour printed business card. These are printed digitally printed and cut to size, so any colour or image can be included, and small quantities can be produced 100, 250, 500 or more. One basic enhancement to the card is to have gloss or matt lamination applied to the card after printing to make it water resistant and more durable.

However, many brands want to stand out a bit, to make an impression. An easy, inexpensive way to do show a point of difference is to alter the dimensions or shape of the business card… or even round a corner of the card. Another affordable way to stand out is to choose a higher end paper with texture or colour, even a dark paper colour printed with white ink for example will allow your brand and your cards to stand out.

If you have a requirement for several thousand business cards, even it is over the course of several months, and even if they are across many different names, other options become more affordable. A technique where master sheets of “blank” cards can be produced and the name, email and contact details can be over-printed later. With this technique, several embellishments that display the quality and care your business has invested in their business cards can be produced including; Spot UV – gloss finish applied to the logo or card to make an impact, Foil Stamping - a portion of the business card makes it stand out, Embossing – pressing a shape or logo of the brand into the card gives the card a distinct texture and oozes quality. Other materials like metal or plastic or wood can be used for the business cards. The card can be double or triple mounting to create an extra thick card. One can even have the edges coated in a metallic gilt gold or silver to accentuate the quality.

Where should we buy business cards?

To decide where you should buy your business card printing, a good place to start is to determine if you need design skills, have the design already worked out, or want to use an online suite of pre-made designs for your cards. If you are just starting out and want a quick, cheap business card, use on of the online only template driven solutions. If your business is more established and you are looking to stand out with your business cards, consider a full-service printer like Carbon8. If you need assistance with the design or want to see high end embellishment options, then go with a high-end digital printer with lots of embellishment capability like Carbon8.

Large format printing is a type of digital printing whereby the ink is sprayed directly onto the paper…it is effectively a very large, very fast “ink jet” printer. These types of printers can print large billboards and poster, retail signage in shopping centres and hoarding for construction purposes. They can also be used to embellish smaller item. For example, because the ink is sprayed directly onto the paper, repetitive gloss finishes can create a texture to the print itself.