What is Embellishing and Finishing?

Embellishments are all of the fancy finishes that can be applied to the printed items. Typically, they are the last things to be done. A few examples of embellishments include: embossing, the process of crushing or denting the paper to form a texture or shape in the paper stock; foiling, the application of metallic foil to the paper to highlight names or crests or brands etc.; spot UV, a clear shiny coating that draws subtle attention to certain areas and is often used for branding and; laminating, the process of coating the entire page with a clear matt or gloss thin plastic coating which protects the page from damage.

Finishing can entail many different automated and manual processes. Some of these include: saddle stitching, the process of placing staples along the spine of a booklet to keep it fastened; Case binding, turning a set of pages into a hard backed book; box making, using cutting and gluing techniques to produce a box with the printed matter on the lid.