How does a business choose the right commercial printer?

For a business to pick the right commercial printer, they need to know what factors are most important to their business. At one end of the spectrum one customer might require a full service printer that will assist with design, graphics, layout and suggest appropriate materials and finishes? Or at the other end of the spectrum, your business might have full-time designers that create print ready PDFs for the printer and know precisely what paper stock will create the finish to suit the item.

It also takes an insightful and flexible account manager to understand the variations in priority one business client might have for their print jobs. For example, if the job is for next week’s trade show and they need 1,000 A4 brochures, the client wants modest quality and a good price. Whereas, for the 5 copies of a pitchbook that the client delivers must display the meticulous attention to detail, quality and respect your brand stands you can land the $50 million project. In this case the final financial estimates are only available 4 hours before the RFP is due, and your commercial printer must be ready to move heaven and earth to produce the books in hours and deliver immaculate quality with lightning quick delivery.

Which attributes and factors are your highest priority?

Online - Instant quote Full Service Printer
Self service Dedicated Account Manager
Print ready PDF Design assistance required
Standard Size Custom size and shapes
Standard paper Custom materials
None or simple embellishments Complex embellishments
Best price focus Quality and outcome focus
Standard turn-around time Urgent rush job or large risk / impact
Repeat jobs (brochures, stationery) Bespoke unique solution

What sets Carbon8 apart from other commercial printers?

In general, there are three categories of commercial print jobs. First, complex and urgent jobs require a full service printer. These jobs are more expensive and difficult to produce because they are complex, require one-on-one interaction with an account manager to understand expectations and advise the best way to get the result the client is after. These jobs take time and typically a business must simply pick a full service printer like Carbon8. Once a full service printer delivers, client’s typically stick with them until there is an issue.

The second category is one-off standard print jobs. Many businesses look for a cheap solution to these jobs. They are typically quoted online via an instant quote and businesses pick the online printer with the best price. This “by transaction” method typically saves a bit of money, but ends up taking much more time to get multiple quotes each job. These one-off transactions are also much more likely to end up with unwanted surprises - surprises in paper quality, finish, print quality, delivery lead time, and print errors due to a lack of monitoring. Fortunately, Carbon8 now offers online quoting and production. Your business can get the same quality materials and printing processes, but work in a self-service environment and get a competitive online price.

The final category of print jobs is the repetitive print jobs. These jobs may be complex or straight forward, they take some time the first time, but then all the client really wants to do is say “do it again” but with these updates. This type of repetitive gets easier to complete when it is repeated, because the one-on-one effort and knowledge has been captured and those costs can now be spread across many jobs or subsequent jobs can be done at a better price point. Carbon8 specialises in these types of repetitive jobs. We have several automation tools in place to improve efficiency and create savings over the long term for our clients.

So, the benefit of choosing Carbon8 is we can tailor a commercial print solution for your business which delivers a market leading solution at a fair price. The price will be aligned with your business needs and priorities. So if you have a bottom line driven need for some standard stationery or marketing materials, we can deliver an instant quote, self-service price focused solution. If your business wants, one on one innovative solutions that leave an impression on your clients, Carbon8 has a team of experienced account managers ready to work with you and exceed your expectations. Finally, if your business has regular print work that needs to get set-up once and repeated, our systems and industry leading automation will enable your business to deliver high quality, cost competitive solutions for your printing needs.