Embellishments are decorative details that allow your printed piece to stand out. By adding a further element of interest to your printed material, embellishments allow you to draw attention to specific areas of importance on marketing material or add a beautiful detail to an invitation.  Some embellishments include embossing, foiling, spot UV, cello-glazing and many more.


Embellishments bring a standard document or book to life.  They make the item look and feel special, place importance on specific aspects or draw special attention to highlighted messages.  When embellishments are used effectively, they can convey the care, quality and leadership an organization wishes to portray to their intended audience.  Spending the extra time designing and the extra money producing an embellished items can project the importance in the content of the document and the intended audience.  When it is important to make an impression, embellishments can make a real difference.


At times you may want to draw attention to particular words graphics or messages.  One option is to use foil stamping to make these items stand out and draw their eyes and attention to the foiled bits.  Other times the brief may call for a subtle branding or message on the cover.  An option here is to use a dark or black card stock and then add spot UV to pass this information on by the difference in reflectivity on the cover.  Another effective method of branding a logo or image is to use embossing…this embellishment creates a dent or tactile texture in the card and is associated with fine quality printing.  A simple example is applying a matt cello glazing to a business card to make the card more durable, resistant to moisture and easier to write on with an ink pen.