First impressions matter, and that holds true in the mailbox. If you want to differentiate your mail from bills and junk mail, consider branding your envelopes for certain mailings to catch and hold your target’s attention. Carbon8 offers several different options when it comes to envelope printing. For high volumes envelopes can be printed inside and out in CMYK and be embellished with foil and embossing before being turned into envelopes. This is the most professional method, but is only cost effective at volumes starting and 10,000 envelopes.

Short run high impact envelopes

For shorter bespoke mailings we can provide a number effective options to enhance the first impression. For example, consider different standard shapes and sizes of envelopes and material. We have access to a broad range of coloured paper envelopes eye-catching shapes and sizes. All of these specialty envelopes can be embellished with foiling and spot printing on the front or back. We can also do spot varnish, white ink on dark envelopes and high build gloss on the envelopes for high impact.

Branded low volume envelope runs

Sometimes you want to look professional, but do not need significant stock. For example, if the business has a new division or you want to send out seasonal greetings or other pitch specific graphics. In this case using a standard DL envelope with your logo spot printed in colour on the front or back is a relatively inexpensive way to accomplish the goal.

Make an immediate impact with personalised full colour envelopes.

Making an impact with beautifully printed envelopes or using an out of the ordinary envelope colour, ensures your message contained within does not go unnoticed. With Carbon8’s ability to print white ink you can now digitally print onto dark or black envelopes which was previously unheard of, giving your message an added advantage against the competition creating something beautiful and bespoke which is sure to leave a lasting impression on the recipient’s mind.

See Envelope setup to learn how to supply your variable data.