This is a type of binding known by many different names depending on what website you go to or what country you are in. It is also known as coil binding or coilbind, spiral binding, colour coil and even ex-coil.

We like to call it plastikoil binding as it is the most descriptive terminology for the product and there is no confusion as to what binding we are discussing.

Documents bound this way can open flat on a table, maximising the reader’s experience and works well with a spread. It also offers the ability to fully rotate the pages for easy note taking.

It’s very durable as the spiral is usually made of plastic, not metal and the spiral can bend slightly when under pressure unlike Wire-O that will permanently bend out of shape if squeezed.

Plastikoil is appropriate for use in menus or documents that need to be a bit more durable. Another key feature that is popular with this bind is that the holes punched for the coil are round and not square like Wire-O.

We have a range of colours (such as white, black, grey and clear) on-hand for your next job and many bright colours are also available on request. Furthermore, metal plastikoil binding is also available for that special project but these need to be indented from overseas so minimum quantities and timings apply.


Plastkoil 10-100 x4
Binding 100-1k x7