When is an online printing service right for your business?

The best time to use an online printing service is when the job is a simple, one-off, standard shape and standard size print job. You might need to talk to an expert in some instances to ensure you get what you are expecting.

Questions to ask when deciding what type of print service to use...

First, is this print job a one-off or will this job be repeated on a regular basis. If the job is going to be repeated on a regular basis you may be able to negotiate a better rate by contacting a full-service printer directly. When you have a conversation with an account manager they can take into account the overall volume that you're expecting when generating the quote. They can also set up automated or semi-automated methods for jobs that are repeated. That way you ensure the quality meets your expectations the first job and then your business gains the benefits of automation and economies of scale for all of the subsequent print jobs.

Next, is the job complex? Are there any embellishments on the job? Do you need any assistance from a graphics, layout, or pre-press standpoint? Finally, is the job of a significant volume? The answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then it may well be best to have a conversation with an account manager, as you are likely to get to the end of the simple online process without getting a quote at all...

5 things to watch out for when selecting an online printing service.

Some online printers create deals that look like a bargain, but by the time you have entered all of your information and arrive at the checkout, the deal is not that good. you may have wasted 20 minutes only to find out the deal wasn't what it first appeared to be. These online printing companies mask the real cost of doing business and steal your time. Be on the lookout for these five signs that the deal may not be as good as you first thought.

  1. Does the site require the customer to acknowledge responsibility for any issues with the setup?

  2. Are the paper / material defined? A recognised brand, and of a reasonable quality?

  3. Does the printer specify what type of machinery or digital printer will be used?

  4. Does the printer have a delivery guarantee or just an estimated time to ship?

  5. Have you checked Google reviews or another site to see what other customers are saying about the printer?

What makes a good online printing service?

When a business is looking for an online print service, there are several things to keep in mind.

Make sure the website clearly states what is included in the price and what is an optional extra. A good online print website will categorise each type of print job so it is easy to select the right product. Categories should including things like Stationery, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Printed Envelopes, Posters, Pull up Banners and floor stickers. It should be simple and straightforward to obtain a quote based on the quantity you require. Any additional charges (e.g. hard copy proofs, artwork assistance, rush service, priority delivery) should be optional and clearly stated before check-out. Outstanding websites have live chat and assistance to help you with any issues you run into during the ordering process. Good websites will have guarantees of quality and delivery time frames and clearly state how issues will be remediated. It is always a good idea to check a review site or Google to see if what past customers’ feedback says about the online printing service. Finally, the price should reflect the self-service nature of the product or service you are purchasing.