Perfect binding

What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding, also known as PUR binding, is a form of binding that uses glued inner pages and a wrap-around seamless cover like a paperback book.  PUR refers to polyurethane, the type of glue used, which is much stronger and heat resistant than other paper based EVA glues.  Perfect binding creates a long lasting, high quality spine for a book.

When to use perfect binding

Perfect binding is generally used when a document is more than 5mm thick.

This style of binding is most commonly used when quantities of over 50 books are needed as there is a significant start up time and cost associated with perfect bound books.  Perfect bound books have rectangular backbones, some common examples of this type of binding are paperback books, telephone books, catalogues and high page count magazines.

Alternatives to perfect binding

Case bound books, or hard cover, is an even higher end book binding technique.  If the designer needs a book to lay flat across the spine, lay flat binding is a good option.  A classic look can be obtained with over sewn binding.