What’s the difference between wholesale printing and trade printing?

Often prospective clients are confused about the difference between a wholesale printer and a trade printer, so what are the differences and similarities? First of all, both wholesale and trade printers produce a range of printed matter for clients... the stuff that is produced is the same. The differences come with regard to whom they sell their goods to. Typically, a trade printer only sells that particular print product at that price to “the trade” or other printers. Whereas, a wholesale printer sells goods to businesses and individuals with the price on a sliding scale based on the volume of the print job. Therefore, a large volume “wholesale print job” will cost significantly less per piece than a smaller “retail job”.

What wholesale printing products are available from Carbon8?

In fact, one could argue that everything Carbon8 produces is a wholesale printing product. That is because Carbon8 does not have standard quantities and prices. We do not force customers to purchase in quantity breaks to get price breaks. That is, every print job is custom quoted using our complex quoting engine that takes into account the quality, material consumption, quantity, time to produce, complexity of embellishment and design assistance to create a bespoke quotation for the clients exact need. We have built a flexible fast quoting system that allows us to treat every customer as a wholesale customer.

Does Carbon8 offer trade printing?

Yes Carbon8 does offer trade printing to other printers. Most printers have standard printing equipment like a digital printer, lamination capabilities and simple saddle stitched book making capabilities. However, many printers do not have the diverse, specialised machinery that Carbon8 owns. To increase the utilisation of some specialty machines that Carbon8 runs in-house, we offer trade pricing for specific services to other printers. For example, very few Sydney based printers have over sewn binding or saddle sewn binding capabilities, so Carbon8 produces work for many local printers when they require this binding. Another key in-house differentiator is our ability to produce A3 size perfect bound books. Similarly, Carbon8 owns high end flatbed printing and cutting machinery including laser cutters and CIC cutting machinery.

Why purchase wholesale printing services from Carbon8?

There are several key reasons to purchase your print jobs from Carbon8. The first reason is our depth of knowledge of the print industry and our long track record of exceeding our client’s expectations. When the pressure is on and your print job absolutely positively has to be done to an exacting standard, fast, the first time...our in-house capabilities remove the external risks that other printers take on by outsourcing production via trade printers. When we do the work under our roof, we can quickly make decisions that enable us to deliver your order on time, every time.

Another key reason Carbon8 is an excellent choice as a wholesale printer is because we can tailor our pricing model and lead time to meet your needs. Some jobs are vital for you business and client’s want one-on-one account management. Carbon8 have a group of seasoned professional account managers that can steer you in the right direction when planning the job, then keep you up to date and informed while we keep the job on-track, and finally give you a head’s up when and where the order will be delivered. In short, we will be there every step of the way.

Other jobs, however, may be less urgent and clients may be more focused on price. Carbon8 has you covered in this situation as well. Carbon8’s online quoting engine for self-service standard print jobs will help your business save money whilst still retaining the confidence that the job will be produced on state of the art machinery, to exacting standards on quality materials in the time frame quoted. Carbon8 has you covered!