Wire-O binding

This form of binding is also known as twin loop, duo-wire binding, double-loop and just simple wire binding.

There are two variations to these wires, called 3:1 and 2:1. This stands for 3 holes per inch and 2 holes per inch.

The wires designed for books with a total page thickness of under 16mm are best bound with 3:1 wire and will have more holes and therefore more wire visible. 2:1 wire will allow binding up to a thickness of 32mm.

Most commonly used for corporate documents and presentations that benefit from flat presentation or last minute production, as there is no need for glues to dry.

Wire-O allows a large number of sheets, inserts, shorter pages or tabs of varying thicknesses to be bound into one neat document.

We keep a large range of colours and sizes on hand for when you need them.


Binding 100-1k x5
Wire o binding 10-100 x2